What to Expect in Quang Binh During the National Holiday Season

The National Holiday season in Vietnam spans from Christmas to the Lunar New Year, offering the longest stretch of holidays. This period allows visitors to plan their travels without work constraints, making it an ideal time for vacations. It’s also when the most significant traditional events and festivals take place, attracting tourists and encouraging those living away from home to reunite with family for Tet celebrations.

As we approach the National Holiday season of 2023 – 2024, Quang Binh is set to host a range of exceptional activities. To make the most of this festive time, here’s a guide to some extraordinary experiences awaiting you in Quang Binh to set plan for an unforgettable trip!


1. Christmas Celebrations

Despite its non-traditional roots, the cultural openness and fervor of parishioners have elevated Christmas into a major and cherished celebration in Quang Binh, creating an appealing atmosphere that blankets every corner. During this time, a pleasant and inviting ambiance envelops Quang Binh, painting the streets with the melodic notes of Christmas music. The cityscape transforms into a visual delight as shops gleam with sparkling Christmas decorations, and the occasional sight of “Santa Claus” cruising through on a motorbike, laden with large gift bags destined for children, adds a touch of magic to the festivities.


Christmas Celebrations

For an authentic taste of the Christmas spirit, step into the churches of Quang Binh. These sanctuaries, typically serene and grand, undergo a magical transformation during Christmas. Radiant colorful lights adorn their facades, casting a lively glow, while majestic Christmas trees sprout within the church grounds. As the night falls on Christmas, these sacred spaces resonate with hymns and enchanting musical performances, commemorating the birth of Christ. For an immersive experience, consider visiting these notable churches:


  • Tam Toa Church, Pham Van Dong street, Dong Hoi City.
  • Huong Phuong County Church, Huong Phuong village, Quang Phuong commune, Quang Trach district.
  • Ha Loi Parish Church, Phong Nha Town, Bo Trach district.

Those seeking a vibrant Christmas atmosphere should not miss the Legend Festival at Bao Ninh peninsula in Dong Hoi City. This festival is a splendid series of international programs celebrating the wonders of the land, fascinating tourists around the world. Kicking off with the “Christmas Heartbeat” event on December 23-24, visitors will witness a surreal sight: snowfall in the heart of a tropical city. The air resonates with beloved Christmas melodies amidst captivating magical performances. Santa Claus strolls the streets, generously bestowing gifts upon children. The pathways are adorned with glittering lights, creating picture-perfect spots like the Christmas tree, water music square, and the symbolic Mother Suot conical hat. The festival also features appearances by renowned Vietnamese singers, promising an unparalleled musical festival.

Beyond Christmas, the Legend Festival continues with a plethora of post-celebratory events. Love-themed festivities, international traditional costume Carnivals, and mesmerizing light shows will captivate audiences until the year-end, offering a gorgeous extension of the celebratory spirit well into 2024.


2. Welcoming the New Year

New Year’s Eve holds profound significance for all, a moment to reflect on the past and embrace the promise of the future with loved ones. This year, Quang Binh unfolds a remarkable spectacle with two grand countdown programs at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and Dong Hoi City. These events heralded as the year’s most spectacular, gather famous singers and international DJs for a night ablaze with music and electrifying moments. As the clock ticks down to the sacred moment of New Year’s Eve, the Quang Binh sky bursts into a symphony of fireworks, promising a night filled with awe-inspiring emotions.


Welcoming the New Year

As the new day begins, enjoy the vivacity of the Spring Market, a communal space where locals and tourists alike come together, ushering in the new year with a magnificent spring ambiance. This lively hub breathes life into ancient traditions, rekindling customs like calligraphy and other folk activities that echo Vietnam’s rich heritage. Amidst the market’s hustle and bustle, take the opportunity to discover a diverse array of local handicrafts and traditional items. Delight your taste buds with the flavors of spring dishes, cherished treasures from an era that often feels distant in our modern world.


3. Embracing the Lunar New Year in Quang Binh

The Lunar New Year marks an important milestone for the Vietnamese, transforming the streets into bustling, vibrant corridors adorned with a tapestry of colorful flowers and fruits. Even with the busyness of activities surrounding, a tangible sense of joy and contentment lingers in the air.

Following the dazzling fireworks on Lunar New Year’s Eve, a gentle feeling descends upon the streets. This transition occurs as Quang Binh residents prioritize time with family and friends after a year of toil and distance from home. Moreover, it’s the time for introspection and tradition, with visits to temples and sacred sites, where offerings of incense are made to seek blessings for the upcoming year. To partake in this cultural practice, consider visiting Hoang Phuc Pagoda or Mount Than Dinh to experience this age-old tradition. For those seeking adventure, cave exploration tours are an option during this period. The weather’s cool embrace, coupled with fewer locals partaking and attractive promotional packages by tour organizers, makes it an appropriate time for the expedition.


Embracing the Lunar New Year in Quang Binh

The days following the Lunar New Year are alive with festivals. Boat racing festivals along the rivers and the Fish Worshiping Festival in Canh Duong coastal village honor local culture and traditions. The Fish Worshiping Festival, especially, celebrates the fishing traditions with ceremonies praying for good catches and safe voyages. These events are vital in preserving local culture, attracting tourists, and boosting the community’s economy.

Here’s some helpful advice for your National Holiday trip in Quang Binh, aimed at enhancing your travel plans. Remember to book your plane tickets and hotels in advance to avoid disappointment and high prices. With thorough preparation, we wish you an exciting and memorable journey in Quang Binh, brimming with joy, discoveries, and enriching experiences. See you in this wonderful land of wonders!

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