Quang Binh proudly embraces the title of the “cave kingdom,” home to some of the planet’s most colossal cave systems. Moreover, the province showcases tranquil beaches and awe-inspiring natural landscapes, weaving together a mesmerizing tapestry that invites travelers to dive into a realm of exploration and revelation. Winter stands out as the ideal season for a visit to Quang Binh, bestowing a delightful and invigorating atmosphere for sightseers and adventurers, coupled with affordable travel expenses. For comprehensive insights into planning your winter excursion to Quang Binh, delve into this article and uncover the journeys awaiting your participation!

Quang Binh’s Winter Weather Characteristics

The winter season in Quang Binh typically spans from December to March of the following year. During this period, the weather takes on a cool and pleasant demeanor, with average temperatures ranging from 25 to 26°C (77 to 78.8°). Notably, this temperature gradient gradually ascends from the northern to southern regions and from west to east.


The winter scenery of Quang Binh unveils distinctive features, enveloped in a serene and poetic beauty. Vast fields extend to the horizon, mountain ranges donned in the ethereal white hues of clouds, primeval forests painted in soothing blues, and meandering rivers—all converge to craft a stunning natural tableau. With its tranquil and charming allure, Quang Binh in winter emerges as an ideal destination for discerning tourists seeking a harmonious connection with nature.

Moreover, winter signifies the low season for tourism in Quang Binh, translating to more affordable service prices compared to the bustling summer months. This presents a golden opportunity for travelers to optimize their budgets and enjoy cost-effective journeys, further enhancing the appeal of Quang Binh as a winter getaway.

Engaging winter journeys in Quang Binh

1. Explore the longest dry cave in Asia

Winter presents an excellent opportunity to venture into the marvels of Paradise (Thien Duong) cave, recognized as the longest dry cave in Asia. The cave provides a shield against the rain or cold outside, which allows you to fully enjoy the mystical charm of the cave, rightly called “Paradise”. Under the forest canopy, a soft, diffused light filters through the dense foliage. It’s as though nature herself offers a guiding hand, revealing the way forward. Amidst this gentle illumination, a breathtaking sight begins to unfold—a hidden treasure trove of stalagmites and stalactites in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Each one holds a story, drawing you deeper into their fascination. Winter transforms this haven into a paradise, an experience not to be missed.

Thien Duong Cave

2. Embark on a boat excursion to explore one of the world’s longest river caves

During your winter visit to Phong Nha, a boat ride upstream along the Son River unveils a mesmerizing sight—layers of mist gracefully drifting above the majestic limestone mountains. The scene is nothing short of spectacular—a dreamlike, serene lake that exudes an air of enchantment. Irrespective of the external weather conditions—be it a warm sun or a chilly breeze—the caves maintain a constant temperature of 18 to 20°C. This comfortable climate allows for unhurried exploration and perfect photo opportunities, regardless of the weather.

Son River

3. Discover relaxing natural hot springs

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic hot mineral springs at Bang Onsen Resort, a renowned destination in Quang Binh, situated approximately 60km southwest of Dong Hoi City. This natural mineral hot spring, boasting a temperature of 105°C, stands as Vietnam’s sole of its kind.

In the brisk early mornings of Quang Binh, surrounded by the chilling climate of the jungle, the warmth exuding from the water envelops the airflow, offering respite from the cold. Embracing the warm waters amid the cold external temperatures allows you to luxuriate in the primitive mineral essences, easing your fatigue and promoting relaxation. Rich in minerals known for their health benefits, the spring water invites visitors to indulge in baths, soakings, and saunas.

Bang Onsen

Bang Onsen Resort serves as a captivating tourist spot, offering a blend of untamed nature and distinctive charm. The landscape transforms into a fairyland as steam fills the air, evoking an enchanting atmosphere that adds to the allure of this unique destination.

4. Spend a night under the stars within nature’s embrace

Blue Diamond Camp in Xuan Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province sprawls across a 5-hectare area and hosts four fully-equipped camps, each featuring canopies to shelter visitors from weather changes. The tents are furnished with essentials like blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags, ensuring warmth during winter stays.

Blue Diamond Camp

During this time, Blue Diamond Camp adopted a new attraction. A veil of mist blankets the mountains and cliffs, creating a picturesque, almost poetic scene. Amidst the mist, limestone mountains resemble watercolor paintings, shrouded in clouds. The cool, pleasant weather offers ideal conditions for outdoor activities.

As night descends, strolling along the tree walkway and witnessing the illuminated surroundings becomes an unforgettable experience. Gather around a cozy campfire on the vast lawn in front of each campsite. Here, under the starry sky, relish in hot, delectable dishes crafted by the camp’s chefs, embracing the cold Quang Binh weather with warmth and flavors.

5. Visit world’s best tourism village

Tan Hoa, nestled in Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province, boasts an attractive setting adorned with endless limestone mountains, vast valleys, and majestic cave systems. However, its location makes it prone to floods, particularly during the June to September period in the lunar calendar. Over the years, floods have forced locals to seek refuge in mountain shacks, with villages and homes submerged. Yet, after the devastating 2010 flood, the Tan Hoa Commune government embarked on flood-resilient measures, introducing floating houses to combat flooding. 

Tan Hoa Village

Since 2011, the commune began trial adventure tours in the Tu Lan cave system, igniting a wave of tourism development. Various activities, from immersive homestay dinners to exploring the ATV trails in the Tan Hoa ironwood forest, have flourished. The community has fostered a tourism model, harnessing its rich scenery and cultural heritage to create unique experiences for visitors, thereby nurturing local livelihoods.

Tan Hoa’s commitment didn’t go unnoticed; on October 19 2023 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, the UNWTO bestowed upon it the honor of the world’s best tourism village. This prestigious accolade acknowledges Tan Hoa’s tireless efforts, distinguishing it as the sole Vietnamese village among the 260 global contenders from 60 countries.

As you prepare to embark on your winter journey through Quang Binh’s splendid landscapes and enchanting wonders, remember that every step leads to a new discovery, a new adventure. Amidst the breathtaking caves, serene river rides, relaxing hot springs, starlit nights, and the inspiring resilience of Tan Hoa, lies a canvas waiting for your story to unfold. So, as you chart your course to Quang Binh, pack your curiosity, and brace yourself for an exploration where each moment unravels the mysteries and treasures of this picturesque province.

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